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Sunday, October 26, 2008

eh gue nemuin trivia-trivia shige yang banyak bgt belom gue baca sebelumnya, uwaaah shige emg gak pernah berenti bikin gue wooow ya hihi perhatiin yang di bold ya
  • He auditioned Johnny's Entertainment April 17, 1999 and was accepted at 8:00 AM
  • Koyama has a special nickname that he uses only for Shige when he wants to annoy Shige, it is Shiggy-chan
  • He is left handed
  • He went to the same pre-school with Hmanaka Bunichi (Johnny's Juniors)
  • Kato Shigeaki, who is usually called "Shige"
  • Became a member of NEWS, together with Koyama Keiichiro and Hironori Kusano, after K.K.Kity, one of the Johnny's Jr. groups
  • He is currently studying law at Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Shige is afraid of caterpillars or any creepy crawly creature like it iiih shige kok takut sama yang gituan, yuel aja engga hahaha apasih
  • He goals to be fluent in English and watches and listens to Western Music all the time. The boys call him the resident Western Music expert. (though he fails sometimes) cieeee shige pengen pinter bahasa inggris! pitpiw
  • He brings a small notebook with his notes everywhere, to study in between takes, or in trips dasar manusia jenius lu ge
  • He goes to the gym (when he's not lazy) every week. He wants to have muscles like Massu.
  • His guitar is a Fender Squire Stratocaster. His dream guitar is a Rickenbacker 360 with a hollow body
  • He rarely cleans his room, it has books everywhere, DVDS and music sheets. He says he loses things when he cleans, but his clothes are always in a hamper. (O_O) hah it has books everywhere!?
  • He always has his IPOD and his recorder with him and sometimes sings/talks to it when he has ideas He writes a lot of stories and lyrics. ~Tegoshi Yuya
  • His worst experience with a fan was getting ignored in the Shinkansen while the fan was watching shounen club on her IPOD beside him. He intends to change this and want everyone to know who he is. (poor shige) HAHAHA kasiaaan engga dikenalin ya
  • He is the self-proclaimed master of Tekken 5 and SNK. He likes video games a lot. He plays an MMORPG when he has free time. He likes the Final Fantasy
  • Shige knows how to cook, when he needs to. (If instant food qualifies as cooking and some riceballs) He would rather buy from a restaurant than cook, he is too lazy for preparing and clean up
  • Kato Shigeaki's favorite present from a fan was a plushie made of himself with his Happy Music costume. He has it in his locker in JE and brings it to performances and concerts to remind him to work hard for the fans. iiih shige mau juga ngasih boneka >o<
  • He likes Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and Green Day
  • He loves curry, miso ramen, food from Miyazaki Food ( restaurant?) and the ramen from Koyama's Mom's Ramen Shop
  • He writes a lot of stories and poems. You can always see him scribbling something down everywhere, even on a napkin ~Massu kok mirip sama gue sih? hahaha
  • He is a really good basketball player. He also knows how to play Tennis.
  • He loves motorcycles and wishes he had one, but his mom is too nervous to allow him to buy one. He also likes fast cars: his favorite is Nissan Skyline and the 350Z
  • Shige talks fast and has a "Trigger Finger" for the cellphone. He texts back the fastest and answers the fastest. O_O
  • He used to be in B.A.D ( Beautiful American Dreams) and Johnny's Juniors as well as J-Support KKKity
  • He got his dog NANA from Yokoo Wataru of Kis-my-Ft2.
  • The sempai he looks up most to is Koichi Domoto who formed KKKity and J-support
  • He loves cats, but sadly, is allergic. Therefore, his J-web entries are written from his "imaginary" cat Wagahai's point of view. In some way or another, Wagahai mentions Koyama and Koyama's cat Nyanta. They manage to set up "play dates" together. The name "wagahai" probably pays homage to the famous Japanese novel "Wagahai wa neko de aru" (I Am a Cat) by Natsume Sōseki

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