"To be Loved is a Wonderful Thing"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I used to think that some ppl are way tooooo lucky, they got what I wanted. Everrrrry things, seriously, every single thing. So Im envy, a lot. But envy-ing ppl just wasted my time! yeah I just realized back then, what a fool. So I decided to-be-myself. I know its hard, but at least I try. Its not as easy as it wrote. Just like Miley’s said on her song The climb. You’re not always at the top, just like a wheel, sometimes you gonna have to lose. Hehe im inspired because of Koek’s words, he said on his twitter, "don't compare yourself with someone and then pushing yourself harder for being like that. just be yourself, enjoy your entire life well" -June23, 2009. those words move me hehe thanks. and what i have to do now is, calm down, face the truth, don't ever ever look back or regret, just go forward.
curhat ceritanya -_- sok english hehe masih belajar, maaf ya kalo banyak salah

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